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Crawling Valley Plastics has been in operation since 2007. Throughout this time, we have produced packaging for a wide range of customers who require food-grade plastic. We understand the requirements associated with producing packaging that will be used in applications that come into contact with human-consumption food products. We call such plastic packaging "food-grade".

There are several critical elements of making products that are intended for food-grade applications:

  • 3rd party audited HACCP approved food grade packaging materials supplier.
  • Proper CFIA and FDA-approved resins are used for the product.
  • Proper practices and procedures are implemented during the production of food-grade packaging.
  • Proper practices and procedures are used during transportation to ensure packaging is kept closed and clean, free from odors, dirt and pest infestation.
  • The manufacturing date is used as the lot code and appears on each box to enable products to be traced back in case of recall.

Crawling Valley Plastics produces two major types of packaging: food-grade and industrial-grade. All our food-grade packaging is produced from only CFIA and FDA approved virgin (un-recycled) resins. All our CFIA and FDA approved resins are stored in dedicated silos that ensures this resin is never contaminated by recycled or non-CFIA and non-FDA approved resins. All our food-grade packaging is produced and shipped in new, CFIA and FDA approved corrugate boxes and enclosed in such a way to ensure no contamination occurs during transit.

Industrial-grade packaging is produced for customers who will not be using the packaging in food-contact applications. This type of packaging can be produced from recycled or low-grade, non-FDA-approved resins. Using recycled plastic materials is good for the environment, but it cannot be used for food contact.

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